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Bridge-Attached & Turnkey Utility Infrastructure Since 1996

Aptus stands as a leading provider of utility infrastructure services, with over 6,000 projects accomplished across 44 states. We specialize in providing Turnkey Utility Construction Services, delivering safety, reliability, and precision. This expertise makes us a trusted partner for municipalities, construction firms, and utility providers. Beyond implementation, we’ve enhanced safety standards, achieved cost savings, and ensured on-time project completions, fortifying the infrastructure of numerous communities. With Aptus, you gain more than a service provider; you acquire a devoted partner with a proven track record for the success of your projects.

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A Legacy of Unmatched Expertise

Over 430 combined years of construction management experience for bridge attached and turnkey utility infrastructure services.

From planning to execution: We manage engineering, procurement, and construction for a seamless project journey.

A fleet of specialized equipment tailored for each project’s unique demands.

Decades of industry experience ensuring a steadfast journey from project inception to completion.

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Specialized Services in Bridge-Attached Utility Infrastructure

Aptus specializes in Conduit, Water / Sewer Mains, Deck Drainage and Fire Standpipe Systems attached to Bridges.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Project Role


Who We Serve:

Estimators striving for accuracy and reliability from the get-go.

What We Offer:

Precision in estimation, fostering a smooth journey from conception to completion.

Why Choose Aptus:

Begin your project on a note of precision. With Aptus, accurate estimations and seamless implementations are a guarantee.


Who We Serve:

Infrastructure Engineers ensuring every plan is safe, efficient, and compliant.

What We Offer:

Aligning with meticulous planning to ensure technical and safety compliance in all utility solutions.

Why Choose Aptus:

Engineer with confidence as Aptus becomes your partner in implementing precise and safe utility solutions.

Project Managers

Who We Serve:

Project Managers dedicated to keeping projects on track, within budget, and to specifications.

What We Offer:

A reliable ally in project management, ensuring timely and precise utility solutions from start to finish.

Why Choose Aptus:

Manage effortlessly with Aptus, keeping your projects on track and within budget without a hitch.


Building Trust,
One Project at a Time

Providing Solutions

Serving a Diverse Range of Industries


Supporting federal initiatives with reliable utility infrastructure services for transportation, homeland security and critical infrastructure projects.


Offering a suite of services to power, electric, telecommunications, water, and wastewater utility providers to ensure smooth operations and compliance with industry standards.

Private Sector

Partnering with contractors, engineers, design/build teams, industrial and commercial entities to deliver tailored utility solutions that meet stringent quality and safety standards.


Assisting state and municipal entities in modernizing public works, enhancing information technology infrastructure, and ensuring public safety with robust utility solutions.

Partner with Aptus, where your
project’s success is our shared goal.